Michael Kielsky


Michael Kielsky, Professional Contrarian, Practiced Dissenter, Unrepentant Rebel, Candidate for Board of Governors


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Dear Colleague:


If you know me, or you know of me, you know that I am not shy about speaking out, standing up, and pursuing what is right. Too often, that means I appear to be a singular voice, crying out for what is right, while everyone rushes by, pretending not to notice.


Yet, time and again, I find myself approached and discreetly thanked for speaking my mind by those who admit they are too scared, too shy, or have too much at stake, to publicly take on these struggles. I am proud to be their champion, and glad for any support, however subtle or discreet.


It is in that spirit that I'm writing to ask for your vote for the State Bar Board of Governors, as your quiet, subtle, and discreet support for REAL REFORM, not mere tinkering or window dressing. I promise to be a vocal and persistent advocate for true and transformational reform.


I will advocate a set of significant proposals to improve our State Bar, but the first effort will be getting elected the Board of Governors. As such, I ask you to consider the one-shot strategy, cast only one vote for me, so as to minimize diluting your dissenting vote, and to maximize the chance of success.


In general, I propose to reform the State Bar by:


o Dramatically reducing the cost of the State Bar by slashing every optional program

o Immediate termination of the misnamed and misrepresented Public Service Center

o Transforming to a voluntary bar


As a long-time board member of the Maricopa County Bar Association (MCBA) and President of the East Valley Bar Association (EVBA), I know the good a Bar Association may achieve. Complacency, looking solely to the past, repeating what has been done because that's the way it has always been done, practically being in denial about the present reality of the modern practice of law and those challenges already cresting the horizon, these are simply insufficient cause to continue business as usual.


As a member of the State Bar Board of Governors, you will have a voice consistently and zealously advocating for those changes which must be started, and sooner rather than later, for the benefit of all. Allow me to be the voice, even if often merely in dissent.


Elect me to the Board of Governors — Maximize your vote, ONLY vote for me.


Elect Michael Kielsky – ReformTheBar.com – #ReformTheBar

The average court registration fee paid by lawyers in voluntary bar states is just over $200. The average cost of that fee and the average cost of joining a voluntary bar in those 18 voluntary states is $477 -- $28 less than what Arizona lawyers currently pay to belong to the mandatory State Bar of Arizona. By 1/1/2019, the delta will be $43.

HB2300 and HB2295 will be heard this Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017 by the House Judiciary Committee at 2 PM in HHR4 (House Hearing Room 4) on the ground floor of the Arizona House Building at 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
HB2300 is the pure voluntary bar bill, legislating that lawyers are not required to be a member of any organization to become or remain a licensed lawyer in Arizona, but the Arizona Supreme Court regulates lawyers.
HB2295 splits the State Bar of Arizona into two subsets. One preserves the mandatory membership character to function as a regulatory public protection quasi-agency. The other subset becomes an optional, voluntary organization engaged solely in non-regulatory trade association activities.
Both bills remedy the State Bar of Arizona's inherent conflict of interest because they separate the Bar's current role as both a regulator of and a trade association for lawyers.